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  • Tampa intellectual property Attorney

    Protect your Intellectual Property. Trademarks, Copyrights, Software Patents. Prior to becoming an attorney, George A. Banas spent 15 years as a software engineer designing, developing and integrating e-commerce and ERP systems at Fortune 500 companies.

    George A. Banas, Esq.
  • Trademark, copyright, patent & business law

    Trademark can help protect your word, symbol or phrase used to identify your products and distinguish them from the products of another. Software or business methods patent can help protect your idea or invention. Copyright can help protect the artistic expression of your idea.

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Practice areas

  • 1


    Trademark search, application preparation, filing, registration, more....

  • 2


    Copyright application preparation, filing, registration, licensing, more...

  • 3

    software patent

    Software Patent application preparation, filing, prosecution, more...

  • 4

    business method patent

    Business Method application preparation, filing, prosecution, more...

  • 5

    SaaS Agreement

    Software as a Service, cloud-based, hosted, subscription, more...

  • 6

    software licensing

    Software license, customer control, perpetual, maintenance, more...

  • 7

    DMCA Take-down request

    DMCATake-Down Notice, copyright infringement, counter-notice, more ...

  • 8

    Business law

    Entity formation, contracts, distribution agreements, non-disclosure, more...



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